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The Land of Many Names
Towards a Christian understanding of the Middle East conflict


CHRISTIAN HERALD 7/6/03 "The book has a number of strengths. It is written in an agreeable style which is accessible to the non-specialist. At the same time, Maltz manages to pack a lot of information into this modest volume. His efforts to inform his readership of different ways of reading sacred texts is commendable. Furthermore, Maltz articulates the Christian Zionist perspective in a very succinct and skilful manner ? It is to be hoped that Maltz' contribution to the debate will be read, not shunned, by those taking the opposite viewpoint". Peter Riddell, Director of the Centre for Islamic Studies at London Bible College

CHRISTIANITY+RENEWAL August 2003 "This book lives up to the blurb in its style - lively, entertaining and provocative - it gives a well-researched and popular account of Israel's history from the days of Abram to Sharon ? Addictive, dented some of my convictions and made me think hard" Tony Sargent, Principal of International Christian College, Glasgow

PROPHECY TODAY September/October 2003 "This author is gifted in presenting the complex historical issues in an erudite yet understandable way ? I recommend this book"

MESSIANIC TESTIMONY magazine Summer 2003 "A comprehensive overview in a very readable, almost conversational way."

JOY MAGAZINE (Assemblies of God) September 2003 "I found this book a good read ? I was challenged and ultimately persuaded by his thesis"

POINTERS MAGAZINE August 2003 "It is the best factual book about Israel that I have read for a long time ? This is a very good buy and definitely one that I am grateful for"

C L PUBLICATIONS (Chris Hill) "Steve Maltz has written this very helpful book in a light and readable style, yet at no point is it less than well researched, cogently argued and biblically balanced."

DIRECTION MAGAZINE (Elim Pentecostals) December 2003 "I can't over-emphasise the importance of this book by Steve Maltz ... He gives a very balanced overview of the Christian's understanding of the present-day Middle East conflict."


'Steve Maltz has an evident gift for explaining complex historical issues in a simple and conversational manner, and he is to be commended for such an easily read and yet comprehensive overview of this vital period. Christians and non-Christians alike are urged to read and then rethink this whole matter.' Derek White, Founder, Christian Friends of Israel

'I believe that this book is long overdue and will challenge all who read it to recognize that God is alive and active in Israel and with the Jewish people. Steve Maltz argues his case well. It's guaranteed to provoke - it's meant to!' Julia Fisher, writer and broadcaster

"This is a helpful book to dispel some of the myths and prejudices about Israel today" Tony Pearce, Light for Last Days

"I like it. For the ones who just don't know it could prove useful, as it does address issues in a fairly simple and logical way" Roy Thurley, Director Christian Friends of Israel


"I enjoyed much of what you wrote. I was also sympathetic with much of what the book said" Willy Mackenzie, Christian Focus Publications

?I think you've got a good, lively style, and have pitched it at the right level for the intelligent but uninformed reader ? " David Moloney, Hodder & Stoughton

?Clearly you know how to write. The book is engaging and you interact with the reader. You cover complex and complicated material swiftly and concisely. It is clear you have done a lot of research.? Andy Peck, assistant editor Christianity+Renewal magazine

"I think you have a good subject and a cheerful, engaging style which dispels a lot of the confusion surrounding the Promised Land. I hope it does really well." Tony Collins, Monarch Publications

A GRUDGING COMMENT FROM DAVID PAWSON (who also suggested that there was not enough Bible exposition!)

"You have produced a useful compilation of historical information and evidence which I hope will attract and impress the readers you have in mind."

The Land of Many Names by Steve Maltz, is published by Authentic Lifestyle for ?7.99. ISBN 1-86024-287-1