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The Land of Many Names
Towards a Christian understanding of the Middle East conflict


Unusual for a book, I have decided to open up a discussion forum so that people can discuss issues raised by the book. You couldn't do this with any old book, but the subject matter of The Land of Many Names certainly lends itself to such a treatment.

The Forum will be occasionally monitored and, hopefully, if one can be found, will also be moderated. The author cannot promise to answer every point raised as all he has said on the matter is expressed in the book and he thinks it's about time others had a chance to say their piece.

The author reserves the right to close down the Forum if it is decided that the tone or language used drops to such a level as to make the enterprise counter-constructive. We hope and pray that it doesn't come to that, but it is a subject that is guaranteed to get people heated up!

To go to the Discussion Forum, click here.

The Land of Many Names by Steve Maltz, is published by Authentic Lifestyle for ?7.99. ISBN 1-86024-287-1
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