The Land of Many Names: guide book to the Middle East conflict for Christians. Understanding the Middle East Israel/Palestine conflict through biblical eyes and history, for Christians. A defence of Christian zionism and the clearest explanation of the errors of replacement theology
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The Land of Many Names
Towards a Christian understanding of the Middle East conflict
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This book has changed lives and has deepened the faith of people who have seen, within its pages, God's faithfulness in action in the story of the 4000 year old love affair between the Lord and His people.

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It has received rave reviews from the Elim Pentecostals (Direction magazine), The Assemblies of God (Joy Magazine), Christian Herald, Christianity+Renewal, Prophecy Today, Pointers magazine, Messianic Testimony, C L Ministries and others ...

"I have spent over 50 years of independent research into this vital field of prophecy and your brilliant book has excited me so much in mind and spirit that I have found it difficult to put it down. My hope and prayer is that it will get the success it certainly deserves - for His holy name's sake" (David Lowe, Judaeo-Christian Fellowship, Barnsley)

So much heat has been generated by the subject of Israel and Palestine. It's a subject that will not go away and it is crucial that Christians should have a clear grasp of both the spiritual and historical issues involved.

This is a lively, entertaining and provocative introduction to the subject for ordinary Christians. The author takes you on a historical journey of the Land of Many Names, from the Canaan of Abraham to the Promised Land, by way of the Land of Milk and Honey, Israel and Judah, Judea and Samaria, Palestine, The Holy Land, Zion, Israel and 'The Zionist Entity'. At each stage we pause to consider what God is saying to all concerned and, in some places, awkward questions are also asked of the reader.

This is an easy read but it is not a comfortable book.

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'God is spirit, and his worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth' (John 4:24).

'Steve Maltz has an evident gift for explaining complex historical issues in a simple and conversational manner, and he is to be commended for such an easily read and yet comprehensive overview of this vital period. Christians and non-Christians alike are urged to read and then rethink this whole matter.' Derek White, Founder, Christian Friends of Israel

'I believe that this book is long overdue and will challenge all who read it to recognize that God is alive and active in Israel and with the Jewish people. Steve Maltz argues his case well. It's guaranteed to provoke - it's meant to!' Julia Fisher, writer and broadcaster

Excerpts from this book are available as a pamphlet, Plain man's guide to the Middle East conflict, available from

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